Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crafts and Coloring to go with Ni Hao, Kai-lan's "Great Trip to China" episode

Below are some crafts and coloring things to go with the things that happen in the "Great Trip to China" episode of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

Map of China Coloring Page - This relates to them going to China in this episode and when Yaya

Plane Crafts - This relates to Kai-lan and her friends taking a plane ride to get to China in the episode.

Watermelon Crafts, Coloring, and Activities - These relate to them spotting the sign for watermelon at a watermelon stand, learning the word in Chinese in the episode, and the baby panda being named Little Watermelon.

Panda Crafts - This relates to the baby panda being a main character of this episode.

Chinese Dragon Boat Craft - This relates to them taking a boat to get the tiger shoes for the panda.

Chinese Mask Craft - This relates to them making a mask for the baby panda in the episode.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angel Coloring for Be an Angel Day

August 22 is known as Be an Angel Day, so to celebrate here are some angel themed coloring pages to entertain the kids and perhaps help keep them busy and behaving like angels today.

Angel Coloring Pages with Bible Verses - This site has a variety of angel coloring page designs with bible verses as part of the image.

Angel Coloring Pages - This site has general angel coloring pages and Biblical angel coloring pages.

Angel Coloring Pages from DLTK

Angel Guide's Coloring Pages

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spiderman Coloring Pages

In honor of today being the anniversary of Spider Man making his first comic book appearance on August 15, 2009 I found some Spider Man coloring pages on the web to entertain Spider Man fans.

72 Spider Man Coloring Pages - This site has a great variety including ones with just Spider Man and ones with him in action fighting villians and also just normal life of Spider Man.

DLTK's Spider Man Coloring Pages - This only has a few in comparison to the above site, but it does have some to print in color if you just want a poster for a party or something and do not want to have to color it by hand.

Friday, May 15, 2009

MLB Coloring Pages

I am a week away from leaving for my All the Ballparks road trip to see all the Major League Baseball parks. Searching around today I found some MLB mascot coloring pages on MLB sites. Below are the links to them.

Houston Astros Junction Jack Coloring Pages
Philadelphia Phillie Phanatic Coloring Page
Los Angeles Dodgers Think Blue and Activity Page Print Outs
Baltimore Orioles Coloring Page
Texas Rangers Captain Corral Coloring Page
Boston Red Sox Wally Coloring Pages
Mascot Fever Coloring Pages - This supposedly has all the team mascots to color, but I could not get the print button to successfully work, but perhaps others can.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Handdrawn Easter Egg Coloring Pages

I recently drew some of my own Easter Egg coloring pages. One is just a sort of normal egg with different patterns on it. The other is the one I like the most. It is sort of a stained glass/mosaic look. Click the thumbnails below and then enlarge the image to print it out as a coloring page.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Mario Coloring Pages to Celebrate Mario Day

Today, March 10th is Mario Day because the abbreviation Mar for March and the number 10 together (Mar10) kind of spells Mario. In honor of this day I will probably do some Mario video game playing on my Nintendo systems and perhaps do a special screenshot post on my Video Game Screenshots blog. Below are some links to Mario coloring pages to celebrate the day beyond just playing video games.

Mario Coloring Pages - This site has some Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Brothers 3 coloring pages.

Super Mario Coloring Pages: This page has some Super Mario coloring pages including Mario throwing a flame ball.

More Super Mario Brothers Coloring Pages: This page has some more Super Mario brothers coloring pages including Mario as a bumblebee.

Mario Kart Wii Coloring Pages: This page has several Mario Kart Wii coloring pages including Mario on a motorcycle and by a kart.

Mario Running Coloring Page: This page just has one Mario running coloring page, but it is a good one still.

Mario Thumbs Up Coloring Page: This page simply has a Mario giving a thumbs up.

More Mario Coloring Pages: This page has Mario 3 on 3 Hoops, Super Paper Mario, and Super Mario Brothers 3 coloring pages.

Super Mario Brothers Coloring Book: This is scanned images from an old Super Mario Brothers Coloring book.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

President's Day Crafts

Tomorrow is President's Day, so I thought I would post some links crafts related to Presidents. Perhaps you can use them to entertain kids that might have the day off (probably most, but in my city, Tucson, the schools get Rodeo Weekend the last Thursday and Friday of the month, so most go to school on President's Day).

Abraham Lincoln Crafts: This year is the 200th birthday celebration of Lincoln (Charles Darwin was born same day, but that is off topic), so this year it might be fun to do Lincoln crafts for President's Day. A few include a Lincoln Log Cabin, Lincoln Hat Craft, Lincoln Paper Plate Craft, and Lincoln Toilet Paper Roll Craft.

George Washington Crafts: Since President's Day is mostly in February because of Washington's birthday and his birthday does sometimes end up falling on President's Day it seems appropriate to do Washington themed crafts. If I am not mistaken, the correct term for the day in the law about this being a federal holiday actually does call it Washington's Birthday observed and we only commonly call it President's Day because that is what Nixon proclaimed it as. Some Washington crafts include George Washington Toilet Paper Craft, Washington Monument, and George Washington's Hat.

General President Crafts:
Presidential Timeline Paper Chain
Presidential Mobile

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football Coloring Pages to Entertain the Kids During the Super Bowl

Below are some coloring pages to entertain the kids during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLII Coloring Pages - This are two coloring pages I hand drew.

Football in the Forest Coloring Page - This is a cute football coloring page with a rabbit and a squirrel playing football with a pine cone.

Football Punter Coloring Page
Football Color and Cut Out Action Figure
Running Back Coloring Page
12 Football Coloring Pages

Super Bowl I Spy - This is not a coloring page, but it is an interesting activity page for the kids to fill out by watching the Super Bowl.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Football Crafts to Entertain the Kids During the Super Bowl

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. I know some kids like football and will enjoy watching it, but then there are others that even if they do like football will not watch the game without being somewhat of a nuisance. Below are some football craft ideas to entertain the kids like that during the football, so others can watch the game in at least some peace. If the kids are not even into football, then I recommend looking through some of my past posts and finding some other themed crafts to entertain them. Also, tomorrow I will post some football coloring pages you can print out to help entertain kids. I thought I should post the crafts today, so you can go and get the supplies if necessary possibly while getting your other Super Bowl party supplies.

Football Player Craft - This is a paper plate craft making a football player head with a helmet on. Probably a craft most kids can do with minimal supervision.

Stuffed Football Craft - This craft makes a football out of a paper bag. Some younger kids may need help with this one.

Football Beaded Safety Pin - This is a relatively simple safety pin bead project that can probably be done my most kids with minimal supervision.

Football Bead Guy - This is another bead craft that can be done with minimal supervision. This type of bead craft is even easier then the safety pin one in my opinion, but I know some say the safety pin style is easier. Basically both are rather simple bead things.

Football Handprint Wreath - Ignore the fact is says basketball as the title on this page, as the template is of a football. This is a craft that some younger kids may need some supervision with.

Football Player Toilet Paper Roll Craft - This is a rather simple craft making a toilet paper roll into a football player.

Quarterback Q. Paper Craft - This is a paper craft making a letter Q look like a football player.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

Tomorrow starts the Year of the Ox, which is the 2009 Chinese New Year. Below are some links to Chinese New Year coloring pages to celebrate the Year of the Ox.

DLTK's Chinese New Year Coloring Pages - This site has mostly dragon coloring pages.

Activity Village's Chinese New Year Coloring Pages - This site has a lot of coloring pages including a new one for the Year of the Ox.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Coloing Pages

Tired from staying up to welcome the New Year and need something to try and keep the kid's quiet and entertained. Here is the post I did with a few links to New Year's coloring pages a few years ago. Below are a few new coloring pages for New Year's that I located.

Kaboose's New Year's Coloring
Color a Calendar for the New Year

Happy 2009 to all my readers!!!