Sunday, February 15, 2009

President's Day Crafts

Tomorrow is President's Day, so I thought I would post some links crafts related to Presidents. Perhaps you can use them to entertain kids that might have the day off (probably most, but in my city, Tucson, the schools get Rodeo Weekend the last Thursday and Friday of the month, so most go to school on President's Day).

Abraham Lincoln Crafts: This year is the 200th birthday celebration of Lincoln (Charles Darwin was born same day, but that is off topic), so this year it might be fun to do Lincoln crafts for President's Day. A few include a Lincoln Log Cabin, Lincoln Hat Craft, Lincoln Paper Plate Craft, and Lincoln Toilet Paper Roll Craft.

George Washington Crafts: Since President's Day is mostly in February because of Washington's birthday and his birthday does sometimes end up falling on President's Day it seems appropriate to do Washington themed crafts. If I am not mistaken, the correct term for the day in the law about this being a federal holiday actually does call it Washington's Birthday observed and we only commonly call it President's Day because that is what Nixon proclaimed it as. Some Washington crafts include George Washington Toilet Paper Craft, Washington Monument, and George Washington's Hat.

General President Crafts:
Presidential Timeline Paper Chain
Presidential Mobile

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football Coloring Pages to Entertain the Kids During the Super Bowl

Below are some coloring pages to entertain the kids during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLII Coloring Pages - This are two coloring pages I hand drew.

Football in the Forest Coloring Page - This is a cute football coloring page with a rabbit and a squirrel playing football with a pine cone.

Football Punter Coloring Page
Football Color and Cut Out Action Figure
Running Back Coloring Page
12 Football Coloring Pages

Super Bowl I Spy - This is not a coloring page, but it is an interesting activity page for the kids to fill out by watching the Super Bowl.