Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paper Snowflakes

Now this is a pretty traditional craft that I remember doing many times as a kid. You start with a square piece of paper fold it in half twice to get a smaller square and then fold that into a triangle. Usually you then round the wide end of the triangle. Then you cut small shapes out to. When it is unfolded you have a beautiful snowflake. Now you can get more creative and use more complex shapes to cut out such as hearts, stars, and moons. Click on the thumbnails below to get a better idea of the different ways to make creative snowflakes. Also, please feel free to comment and tell about your unique cut out ways to make paper snowflakes more fancy.


Tracy Shelley said...

Hi, we live in Peru and we love to do paper snowflakes! Check out my blog, I have a picture of our Christmas tree full of snowflakes.


Kelly Malloy said...

Those snowflakes are amazing!