Saturday, January 31, 2009

Football Crafts to Entertain the Kids During the Super Bowl

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. I know some kids like football and will enjoy watching it, but then there are others that even if they do like football will not watch the game without being somewhat of a nuisance. Below are some football craft ideas to entertain the kids like that during the football, so others can watch the game in at least some peace. If the kids are not even into football, then I recommend looking through some of my past posts and finding some other themed crafts to entertain them. Also, tomorrow I will post some football coloring pages you can print out to help entertain kids. I thought I should post the crafts today, so you can go and get the supplies if necessary possibly while getting your other Super Bowl party supplies.

Football Player Craft - This is a paper plate craft making a football player head with a helmet on. Probably a craft most kids can do with minimal supervision.

Stuffed Football Craft - This craft makes a football out of a paper bag. Some younger kids may need help with this one.

Football Beaded Safety Pin - This is a relatively simple safety pin bead project that can probably be done my most kids with minimal supervision.

Football Bead Guy - This is another bead craft that can be done with minimal supervision. This type of bead craft is even easier then the safety pin one in my opinion, but I know some say the safety pin style is easier. Basically both are rather simple bead things.

Football Handprint Wreath - Ignore the fact is says basketball as the title on this page, as the template is of a football. This is a craft that some younger kids may need some supervision with.

Football Player Toilet Paper Roll Craft - This is a rather simple craft making a toilet paper roll into a football player.

Quarterback Q. Paper Craft - This is a paper craft making a letter Q look like a football player.

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