Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toodles or Quoodles Craft

Make your own Toodles or Quoodles from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show with the below instructions.  This can be a fun drawing and creativity activity for fans of the show.  Younger fans may need help with the initial drawing of Toodles or Quoodles, but they can still do the coloring to make it resemble Toodles or Quoodles as well as add the four items.

Step 1: Draw a large circle with the edge near the bottom of the middle of the page (i.e. leave room for the ears on top).  I turned a bowl upside down and traced it, but you can use other items.

Step 2: Draw two small circles for the ears. I traced a cup for this part. 

Step 3: Draw two smaller circles inside the ears. I traced a clean out empty K cup for this part.  An unused one would also work. 

Step 4: Draw lines to divide the large circle into four equal parts.  I used a ruler to measure the diameter and then made a mark in the middle.  I then placed the ruler at the mark side to side and then up and down to make the lines. 

Step 5: Draw some lines between the inner and out circle of the left ear to make a spokes design. 

Step 6: Draw two lines to divide the outer circle of the right ear into two parts.  Add dots on the upper half of the outer circle.  I traced a pencil eraser for the dots.

Step 7: Color it in either as Toodles (red and yellow) or Quoodles (purple and pink).  For Quoodles also add a bow on top.  It can be drawn on or stick on one that you would normally put on a present.

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